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Jan McClintock

Jan McClintock

For Authors, Non-profits, and Small Businesses

You want to present the best possible impression at every stage of your work. Your book, your business documents, and your website should be cohesive and polished. They should reflect your business and your personality. The content you create should be consistent and clean.

Making this happen isn’t intuitive, and working with a professional is the best way to make sure that your presentation is applicable and excellent.

You and I will establish a working relationship built with trust, competency, and communication. You will understand every step we take together. I can interpret technical language and make it easy to understand. I have years of experience, loads of integrity, and lots of common sense (a commodity that seems to be in short supply these days).

“Make sure the core of your business is based on something that has real and lasting value for yourself, and for other people as well, if possible. If you really love what you are doing – and I mean really love it – your passion and enthusiasm will carry you far and give you lasting success.” ~Derek Featherstone

My resumé is online at LinkedIn.com.

I live in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. I create and manage websites, edit manuscripts, and publish books, locally and remotely.